We Serve Healthy Drink Choices: Bottle Water And Fresh Juice Beverages

Another week in the new year is gone, hopefully it was a productive one, like mine! :)

So many people I know made a new year resolution to lose weight. The good news is many of them are commited to their weight lost goals.

We support them in that goal and suggest for them and YOU to visit us for a refreshing bottle water, fruit drink, fruit smoothie or fruit shake. We also serve fresh fruit bowls. I love fruit. It's good for YOU!

Whatever YOUR goal may be, whether to eat healthy, lose weight, lower cholesterol, and risk for heart disease, our goal is to help support YOU.

It's hard to believe it's time to transition from winter to spring.

If you're feeling low in energy I suggest for YOU to try one of our special blended energy juice drinks here at The Bush Doctor. These are not YOUR usual energy juice drinks. Our juice drinks are 100% all natural juices.


Our juices are 100% preservative free.

Cool thing is, if  YOU live in the area YOU can get a pick me up healthy fresh juice or a all natural energy drink at a DIRT CHEAP price-- compare to downtown Brooklyn or Manhattan it's a cheap price.

So just head on down to The Bush Doctor Juice Bar and grab an energy drink or a fruit or vegetable juice of YOUR choice.

Now YOU can complete YOUR party with our on-site juice catering service. Inquire about our juice catering rates for YOUR family's events: baby showers, children birthday parties, church functions and more!

Enjoy the rest of YOUR day!  :)

See YOU soon.

The Bush Doctor

We Serve Healthy Drink Choices: Bottle Water And Fresh Juice Beverages
Brought To YOU BY The Bush Doctor Juice Bar

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