"Looking For A Juice Bar In Brooklyn, New York?"

"Looking For A Juice Bar In Brooklyn, New York?"

YOU Just Found One Of The BEST Juice Bars In Brooklyn, New York!

What Do YOU Believe?

We believe we are Brooklyn's BEST!

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It our goal to keep YOU and YOUR family healthy.

We have one rule with no exceptions


We extract 100% of nature's Best to give YOU the BEST tasting juice. No Artificial Sweeteners, Flavors or Preservatives.

Explore the taste of all natural fruit juices. We use quality ingredients. Naturally Delicious!

The Bush Doctor Juice Bar specializes in over 50 different unique combinations of natural fruit and vegetables to make a perfect healthy juice drink or smoothie. We have add-ins to meet every desire, from wheatgrass to flaxseed to granola to almond milk.

YOU can mix up whatever YOU want in a juice or The Bush Doctor will make YOU a juice based on how YOU feel (if you ask). We make special requests.

At The Bush Doctor Juice Bar we make our juices with all natural fresh fruits and vegetables.

NO Syrups Added —nothing is added, nothing is taken away unlesss you request honey or raw brown sugar. We also pour some into a small cup for YOU to try before we make the final pour, just in case YOU need to adjust anything.

Our Customer Service and prices are solid. The Bush Doctor's Juice Bar prices are GREAT!

Come see what makes The Bush Doctor's Juice Bar like no other juice bar in Brooklyn, New York.

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"Looking For A Juice Bar In Brooklyn, New York?"
Brought To YOU By The Bush Doctor Juice Bar


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